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Speed Dating Outfits – What To Wear?

Speed Dating Outfits - What To Wear

If you’re looking to make a good impression to singles at a speed dating event, then pricking the right outfit is key. That’s because, when you walk up to all your speed dates, every single will make a snap decision about you based on the outfit that you’re wearing. Which means you need to put the effort in!

No need to stress, though, as if you’re worried about your wardrobe choices, we have lots of wonderful ideas to make sure you look your best and both confident on the night. Indeed, the singles might just end up fighting over you!

For the Men:

When it comes to deciding on what to wear, men actually have it pretty easy. Despite this, you’ll still find singles showing up in extremely casual outfits like old jeans and a t-shirt they’ve had for years. Or, some guys will show up as if they’ve come straight from the gym, as they want to show off how athletic and fit they are to potential dates.

If you are looking to impress singles though, you’d be much better wearing one of the following:

Jeans and a Shirt

Jeans and a shirt is a classic look for any man. Not only does it look smart – which is ideal for a date setting – but it’s also not overly dressy. For your jeans, always try to choose a quality pair that fit you well. Generally, dark colours can be very flattering and straight leg jeans can help you to look taller, so it’s all about choosing the right pair for you.

If you’re unsure what jeans would suit you best, just head to a shop and ask one of the assistants or take a friend with you whose opinion you trust.

For a shirt, try to stay away from anything that’s too out there. You might find a shirt in a bright floral print very fun, but you should try to keep it more neutral for a first meeting – especially if you want the best chance of getting more matches. You’ll have plenty of time to show off your bold shirts a few dates down the line!

Chinos and Polo Shirt

Another smart casual favourite, you really cannot go wrong with a nice pair of chinos and a polo shirt. Like your jeans, make sure your chinos fit well and are well ironed before the night – as very creased chinos never look great.

Then just pair your chinos with a nice polo shirt. You will look nice and smart, ready to impress your dates for the evening.

Trousers and Shirt

If you’d like to go a little bit fancier for your speed dating outfit, you may wish to consider a pair of dress trousers and a shirt. A timeless classic, singles often tend to feel more attracted to men wearing shirts and trousers, which might help you get a few more matches on the night.

This kind of outfit is also ideal for professionals who may need to come to the speed dating event straight from work. Just leave any suit jacket or waistcoat at your work (which will make your outfit too dressy) have a quick freshen up and head over to the venue.

For the Women:

Getting ready for a speed dating night often takes a lot longer for women, which can be annoying when men just chuck on an outfit and be ready. However, women also have the advantage that they have lots of options when it comes to choosing what they wear.

For a little extra ease – and to make you feel more confident on the night – you could think about heading to the hairdresser or even getting your make-up done on the day. Which takes away the hassle of you needing to do it.

So, what do you choose to wear for speed dating?

Jeans and a Nice Top

It’s that classic smart casual choice for ladies, a nice pair of form-fitting jeans along with a nice top and some heels. Not only does it always look good but wearing jeans is more comfortable than wearing a dress, especially if you’re worried about being too dressy.

Even better, you can dress up jeans and a top as much as you like, choosing the heels and statement jewellery to your own taste.


When it comes to women’s dresses, there really is no limit to the choice you have. Now, you’re not going to want to wear something as fancy as an evening gown but bar that, there really is no wrong when it comes to choosing your outfit.

You can also choose to dress up or dress down your chosen dress with the shoes you choose to wear. Here flat ballet shoes can make a dress look more casual while heels will dress it up. Really it all comes down to what you are most comfortable wearing.

Choosing an outfit for speed dating is more than just trying to impress those you’ll be dating that night. It’s also about making yourself feel great about yourself. As it is this confidence that will make you even more attractive to those other singles.