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How to Find Love Without Using Apps

How to Find Love Without Using Apps

With so many online dating apps on the market, it can sometimes feel like the only way people find love these days is through their phones. However, dating on apps can be far from fun, as whether you’re swiping right or sending messages to people you find attractive, this app dating can feel both far too based on looks and very impersonal.

Which is why, instead, singles are looking for new and exciting ways where they can potentially meet a boyfriend or girlfriend in a person, without it being through a smartphone app.

Intrigued? Well, here’s our top places where you can find love with a single without needing any form of app:

1: Speed Dating

Speed dating is a fun and fast way to meet singles in person for a short amount of time, which will give you a good idea about whether or not you would like to meet that person for a full date. The main advantage of speed dating is that it’s run by a hosting events company, who will make sure there is an equal number of singles there and they will direct everyone around. So, over the course of the night, you will get to date at least 10-12 singles for around 4-5 minutes each.

After each date, you can indicate on a comment card whether you would like to match with this person or not, with the idea being if the other person matches with you too, the event organisers will give you their contact details so you can arrange a date.

Most speed dating events are aimed at specific age groups and locations, allowing you the best chance of meeting someone you could have a future with. Some events will also offer a free ticket to another event in the unlikely situation that you don’t match with anyone on the night you booked.

2: Bars or Nightclub

Although it is harder to meet someone in a bar or nightclub, it is entirely possible that you could. Which means, if you’re spending every weekend home and alone, now is the time to get a little more adventurous with your social life.

Ideally, just ask some of your friends if they fancy a few drinks or a full-blown night out at least once a month. You can all get dressed up and have some fun, hopefully allowing you to find and chat to some singles while you’re there.

Finding singles in a bar or nightclub does need some bravery, though, as you will need to pluck up the courage to walk up to a stranger and say hello. All in the hopes that they are single and could be interested in you. Don’t worry too much about this – as plenty of people meet their significant others in this way!

3: Gym

If you’re really into working out, it’s likely that you’re going to want a partner who also cares about their body too. So, what better place to meet a date than at your own gym! Here think about taking on a few fitness classes, where you and the regular members can begin to get to know each other. Then, if there’s someone you particularly like, as if they’d like to go for a coffee after your class.

The same goes for someone you see in the gym itself – seize the day and say hello. Just beware that not everyone likes to be interrupted while they’re in a middle of a workout, so pick your time wisely.

4: A Class

Learning a new skill as an adult is a wonderful way for you to get out your home and meet new people, which could also include finding yourself a date. Although the main point of these classes is for you to learn and de-stress from your career, it is nice to think it could lead to you perhaps meeting someone that you’d like to date.

Such classes that you might wish to try your hand at include:

Just choose something that you’ve always wanted to learn or that might help you with your home or career in the future. Who knows, even if you don’t meet a date in your class, your new skills might just impress a single you meet elsewhere in the future.

5: A Singles Party

Singles parties come in two types – those hosted by a professional company where you buy tickets to that event or simply a party hosted by yourself or someone you know where you ask everyone to bring someone single with them.

Either way, these sort of parties are ideal for mingling and chatting with other singles. Plus, because of the nature of a single’s party, everyone who comes does so thinking about trying to find someone that they would like to ask out on a date.

Finding a date with the help of dating apps might sound strange in this day and age, where everyone uses their phone for everything. However, there is something rather nice about meeting your partner in person first, so why not give offline dating a try!