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Tips for Speed Dating First-Timers

Is speed dating something you’ve always thought about doing but you’ve never had the courage to actually book yourself in for an event? Well now is the time to take your dating destiny into your own hands and meet some of the gorgeous singles trying out speed dating.

Especially since, to help you out, we’ve together our top 5 tips for first-timers to help introduce them to the world of speed dating. Which means, in no time at all, you’ll be chatting and flirting away with some amazing singles and getting your first matches in!

1: Don’t Be Embarrassed During Speed Dating

Of course, you’re going to be a little nervous when you attend your first speed dating event – even singles who’ve been to two or three events before will be nervous. After all, you’re going to be meeting and chatting with a large number of strangers. So, feeling a little nervous is totally normal.

What you shouldn’t do, is worry excessively over the idea that you’re going to embarrass yourself on the night. You’re really not! Everyone at a speed dating event is there for the same reason, to meet singles and hopefully find someone special. Which means everyone is in the same boat, so there’s absolutely no reason for you to feel embarrassed about anything.

Instead, try to relax and sell yourself to all your dates. If you come across someone you don’t like, not to worry, the date will be over after 5 minutes and you won’t need to speak to them again!

2: Prepare Some Questions in Advance

Speed dating is meant to be fast, which means with only 4 or 5 minutes per date, you won’t have loads of time to really get to know someone. Which is why it’s important to have some questions ready that you might like to ask singles. This could be anything from asking them about their work or finding out their ideal holiday destination. The idea being that you both get to see if you have anything in common with each other before you decide to match each other.

If you don’t prepare questions and any of your dates don’t have questions too, this can pose a problem though. As you might just find that you both allow your nerves to take over and an awkward silence will occur. Which could be really sad if you might have really had a lot in common, but the awkwardness stopped you from matching together.

3: Get Dressed Up

Regardless of whether you’re going as part of a group or you’re attending alone, getting dressed up is the perfect way to make sure you’re feeling at your best and most confident for your dates that evening. Perhaps you could go and get your hair done, buy a new outfit or have a make-up trial. Whatever it is that makes you feel pampered and relaxed do it!

That way, when you walk into the speed dating event you will not only feel like a million bucks, but that confidence will really draw others to you and ensure you get more matches.

4: Don’t Be Pressured into Matching with Someone

Just because it’s your first night at a speed dating event, you might be pressured into matching with someone that you didn’t really like too much. It could be that they were very vocal about liking you and wanting to go on a date with you, meaning you feel obligated to match them. Or, it could be that because you’re nervous on your first night, you felt you should match with lots of people – regardless of whether you really liked them – as you didn’t want to be left without a date.

However, for the speed dating event to be successful, it’s important that you only decide to match with any singles that you actually like. Otherwise you’ll find yourself on a boring date with someone you’re not interested in and you’ll think that speed dating isn’t for you. True, you might not meet someone that first night but who knows who you might meet at your next event!

5: Have Fun with It!

Speed dating events are meant to be fun, not scary! So, even though it’s your first time coming to one of these events, it doesn’t mean that you that you shouldn’t have fun. Instead, try to relax and think of speed dating as more of a fun experience to enjoy.

As, if you take it too seriously, it will end up being far scarier than it actually is, making it harder for you to find yourself a date. If you are feeling very nervous, plan to go with a few friends and make it like a fun activity like a cocktail making class or a sports event. This will help you relax and make the whole night far more fun for all of you. Plus, you’ll be able to go out for a few drinks and gossip about all the dates you met afterwards!

If you are on the fence about speed dating then it’s time to get off and book your first event. You won’t regret it when not only do you have a wonderful time, but you also meet someone amazing on the night too!