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I Want to Find Love – How?

There’s nothing worse than feeling like everyone around you is settling down and falling in love with someone special while you feel you’re going to be alone forever. Worse still, when your friends are all in relationships, it means that they are going to have far less time to go on nights out with you. Meaning you have less chance of meeting someone yourself.

So, how can you find love?

Why Not Try Speed Dating?

These days, most singles have tried most forms of online dating, whether than be sites or apps. However, getting to know someone through messaging alone can feel very difficult, especially when you don’t know if you’re both going to have that spark when you meet in person.

Yet, there’s no denying that online dating can be very convenient, allowing you to meet a large number of singles over a short amount of time. So, what if there was a way where you could get the convenience of online dating but still get the reality of meeting someone in person for a date?

Well, that’s where speed dating comes in, as this unique type of event not only gives you the chance to meet singles in person but you’ll get to meet lots of singles all in one night – giving you the best chance to meet someone you like.

How Does Speed Dating Work?

Speed dating is actually a very simple concept, where around 20-30 singles will all come to an event and get split into two groups – such as male and female. One group will then be directed to a table, where they will sit for the evening, the second group will then work their way through the tables, moving on after 4-5 minutes when a bell rings indicating the end of each date.

During each date you will be free to talk about anything you want. Just remember, you won’t have long to talk, so choose your questions wisely so that you can both find out as much about each other as you can during that time. You’ll probably want to think about some questions you’d like to ask dates before the event, as this will help on the night to fill any awkward silences that might occur.

At the end of each date, you will be asked to fill in a comment card. This will give you the opportunity to decide if you’d be interested in dating this person for longer. Then, if you both tick the match box, you’ll get each other’s contact details so you can arrange a date together.

What Are the Advantages of Speed Dating?

Speed dating is one of the easiest ways for singles to meet someone they like. As, unlike going to a bar or nightclub looking for dates, you will be guaranteed to meet and have a real one-to-one chat with a large number of singles on that night. Which gives you a higher chance of meeting someone that you’re attracted to and would be interested in meeting again.

Plus, because each date is so short, it doesn’t matter if you’re not interested in the person that you’re on a date with, you can simply be polite and chat to them as normal. Before you know it, the bell will be ringing and you’ll have someone new to speak to.

Speed dating events are also ideal for those of use who struggle to get friends to go on a night out with them. As there really is no need for you to attend with a friend. Instead, just rock up by yourself and chat to some of the other singles. You’ll soon be having fun without the need for bringing a friend with you.

What Are the Top Tips for Speed Dating?

While the idea of speed dating is a simple one, you still need put some effort in to ensure you get some matches on the night. So, to make sure others like you, here are some top ways you can impress any dates on the night:

1: Get Yourself Dressed Up

Not only is it true that a good out can make you feel more confident and ready to chat with others, but by dressing up nicely, you’re also going to make a good first impression with any singles you speak to that night.

2: Be Open to Speaking to Everyone

They might not be your usual date or there might not be an instant attraction when you first meet, but you shouldn’t dismiss a date before it starts. You might just find that you both have lots in common!

3: Don’t Get Too Drunk

There’s a big difference between merry and drunk, and if you’re a bit too tipsy it won’t impress any of your dates. Which means you’ll end up with zero matches for the night.

4: Turn Off Your Phone

Nobody wants to date someone who is always on their phone – especially when you’re on a speed date. So, if you’re serious about finding love, put your phone away in your bag or pocket.

Finding love might seem complicated but by deciding to go to speed dating events, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance at meeting your perfect man or woman.