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Low-Key First Date Ideas

For most of us, although we want to go on a first date as it might bring us closer to our perfect relationship, there’s also the issue of how nervous first dates can make us. Indeed, some of us are so nervous about meeting a single in a one-to-one basis that it’s putting us off the idea of dating altogether.

So, when you want to find love, how can you bring yourself to go on a first date – well it’s time to start planning low-key first dates instead.

What is a Low-Key First Date?

When most of us think about a first date or see first dates shown in television shows or movies, we tend to see a couple getting dressed up and heading to a fancy restaurant. The types of places where they like to ask you to try the wine to see if it’s satisfactory.

This sort of date can be very scary for some of us, though. Especially if you’re worried about what to order, how to eat or even what to wear. Which is why, instead, you need to think about more low-key dates, which are casual dates where you can both focus more on fun and less time acting fancy in a restaurant.

What Are Examples of Fun Low-Key Dates?

If you’d prefer a more low-key activity for your first date, then you’re not alone. As many of us would like a casual first date where you can relax and get to know each other without the pressures of being in a much fancier restaurant than you are used to.

So, what can you do for a low-key date? Well there’s lots of choice out there, with some of these activities being a great start:

1: Something Educational

The great thing about attending a teaching class for a first date is that it assumes that neither of you know what you’re doing. Which means you don’t need to feel embarrassed about not knowing how to do something. In fact, the not knowing is what makes it fun, as you can both learn together while learning more about each other at the same time.

Fun classes could include:

  • Dance class
  • Cookery class
  • Pottery class
  • Weird workout class
  • Drawing class
  • Language card

2: Something Active

Although active dates aren’t for everyone, if you do both enjoy the gym and working out then an active date can feel quite comforting. Even better, by being active you get all those happy hormones pumping through your veins, which will help you feel more at ease with one another and hopefully mean you’ll both be interested in a second date.

Fun active dates could include:

  • Workout class
  • Hike
  • Surfing
  • Rock climbing
  • Ice skating
  • Cycling

3: Something Cultural

A first date that is also cultural can make for a memorable one, especially when you learn something on that date too. Ideal if you’re both a bit nervous about what to say to each other, by going somewhere cultural or educational like a museum, there will be plenty of exhibits and information for you to read and chat about.

Even better, cultural dates are usually during the day, which can feel less scary than an evening date.

Cultural dates could include:

  • Museum
  • Art gallery
  • National parks
  • Poetry reading
  • Library

4: Something to Do with Animals

Most of us love animals, especially since they can have such a calming effect on our nerves. Which means, if you’re looking for a way to make yourself or your date less nervous when you meet, doing an activity that also includes animals can be a real winner for you both.

Even better, there are a multitude of different ways you could incorporate animals into a first date. It could even be as simple taking your date and your own dog to a park for a quiet walk together with a takeaway coffee or it could be as fancy as arranging to feed lambs at a local farm. Either way, animals have a calming effect, which is wonderful for a first date.

Animal dates could include:

  • Visiting a zoo or animal park
  • Going to a cat or dog café
  • Volunteering at a local animal shelter
  • Animal drawing class
  • Goat yoga
  • Visiting a farm
  • Going to an aquarium

5: Something That Gets the Adrenaline Pumping

One way to get rid of nerves is by instead planning a date which get the adrenaline pumping in both of you. True, adrenaline-fueled dates can be a little scary at first depending on what you choose, but they are also incredibly fun. Which means you’ll both laugh, smile and be happier – ideal for getting you both feeling those warm fuzzy feelings about one another.

Examples of adrenaline dates could be:

  • Theme parks
  • Haunted house
  • Go-karting
  • Bungee-jumping
  • Cliff diving
  • Off-road racing
  • Escape rooms

Choosing a first date can feel stressful – especially when you’re looking at the fanciest restaurants in town. By instead looking at fun low-key dates, though, you might just find a new love for arranging and going on first dates.