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Top Flirty Speed Dating Questions

The wonderful thing about speed dating is that you get to chat – potentially flirt – with lots of different singles all in one night. Which gives you a great opportunity to find at least one, if not more, singles that you can arrange to go on a proper date with.

The only problem is, meeting new people can be pretty scary, so with only 4-5 minutes to chat and both of you feeling nervous, how do you get by the initial nerves and head towards flirty chats? Well, it’s all in the questions, as by asking certain flirty questions you’ll be able to break the ice and have a lot of fun on all of your dates.

So, to help you get the flirting started, here are out top flirty speed dating questions:

1: What Would You Say is Your Best Feature?

This type of question gives you the perfect opportunity to compliment your date on what you think their best feature is too. Indeed, while others might say that flattery gets you nowhere, when you’re on a speed date, a little bit of flattery is actually a wonderful way to warm your date up to you and may even make you stand out as a top match when it comes to choosing who they would like to go on a date with.

Even better, they might take the opportunity to comment on what they think is your best feature, which is always a nice thing to hear!

2: What’s the Most Romantic Thing Someone Could Do for You?

There’s nothing like a bit or romance to make you both feel more comfortable and flirtier with each other. So, ask them about their ultimate romantic thing they would like a significant other to do for them. Not only will it give you a wonderful insight into them, you might even get a few ideas for the future if you both do end up dating.

3: What Are Your Top Turn Ons?

While asking about turn ons might be a little much for some on a speed date, with the right single this can actually be a lot of fun. Plus, it’s not the sort of question that needs to be totally R-rated. As it could be such things as someone wearing a suit or when a partner brings you a cup of coffee in bed in the morning.

This flirty question is ideal for when you’re a few questions into your date and things look to be going well.

4: If You Could Go on a Date with Any Celebrity, Who Would You Choose?

Talking about the celebrities that we find attractive is the perfect flirty question, because it doesn’t put any real embarrassment on anyone. Instead you both get to talk about beautiful strangers you think are pretty – which surprisingly can feel very flirty.

Even better, if your date mentions someone that you have a vague resemblance to, you might just find yourself getting matched!

5: What Feature in a Date Attracts You the Most?

In order to really flirt with someone, you want to know how they tick. Which can be extremely hard on a speed date when you’ve only spoken for a few minutes. What you can do, though, is find out what they find attractive as this will give insight into whether you fit that bill.

It could be that your date really enjoys someone who visits the gym a lot and works out. If this is something you do, it’s quite easy to then show off some muscles or tell them about some of your personal bests. You can even answer the question yourself about what you find attractive to see if that single agrees.

6: Who Would Play You in a Movie About Your Life?

Flirty questions can also be quite deep questions that require a little bit of thought. One such question is asking a date who they would like them to play them in a movie about their lives. Here you have the opportunity to suggest actors who are both talented and attractive – which is flattering to your date.

It also gives you the opportunity to talk about what genre that life movie could be, which allows you to get to know your date a little deeper.

7: What Do You Look for in a Personality?

Flirting isn’t just about both of you having that instant physical attraction with each other, it’s also about you both having a personality that meshes well with each other. So, by asking about the type of personality they like, you’ll be able to tell if you could be that person.

If you do fit the bill, you’ll instantly feel more confident and ready to try a little flirting together.

Overall, flirting is a very personal thing. You may find one date where it’s hard to start any flirty chat within that short amount of time, while with someone else it comes naturally straight away. Just remember, flirting doesn’t always mean you’ll both end up in a relationship, so never dismiss a date purely based on flirting. It could be you just need a longer date for you both to get to know each other better!