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Speed Dating Tips for Men

speed dating tips for men

For men looking to find a relationship, speed dating provides the perfect platform for you to meet lots of singles all in one night. Which gives you a really good chance at meeting someone that you could see yourself in a relationship with.

The problem is, many men can be scared at the idea of speed dating as they’re not sure what they should say or do to make sure someone matches them on the night. As the last thing you want is to feel rejected.

However, rather than putting off the idea of speed dating as you’re feeling nervous, here are some of our top tips to help you have the best night possible:

1: Prepare Questions Beforehand

While both parties should prepare questions beforehand, many single women will want the men to take the lead and ask them questions first. Which means, if your mind goes blank and you don’t know what to say, it can feel like your date has become too awkward to ever work.

By preparing some questions that you’d like to ask your dates, it means that you will both always have something to chat about. Just remember, always give your date the chance to ask you something back, as you also want that single to learn a bit about you too.

2: Don’t Use Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

It might seem like a great ice-breaker to start every date with a cheesy joke or line, but this can be a major turn-off to your date. Worse still, if you’re repeating the same line over and over again, it’s likely the other singles will have heard, so won’t be impressed at your lack of originality.

Instead, just be genuine when you introduce yourself, saying hello and exchanging names. It might seem boring but this is far more likely to get your matches than a cheesy line.

3: Choose Your Outfit Wisely

Just like you’ll make a quick judgement on your date’s outfit, so will they about what you’ve chosen to wear. Which makes it essential that you choose your own outfit wisely – leaving the gym clothes at home no matter how ripped you are!

Generally, a good outfit for men at a speed dating event would be:

  • Smart jeans and a shirt
  • Chinos and a shirt or nice top
  • Trousers and a shirt

Don’t go overboard with what you’re wearing as being overdressed is just as bad as being too casual, making your date feel uncomfortable.

4: Don’t Talk Too Much About Yourself

We all know that speed dating is all about selling yourself, which many men can take too much to heart. Which means, when they arrive at a date, they will open their mouths and instantly spurt out lots of information about themselves in order to impress your date.

Singles really don’t like it when their dates only speak about themselves, though. Which means you should be very cautious about the amount of time you’re spending talking about yourself and encourage your date to tell you about their life too.

After all, you also want to get to know the person talking to you, as you need to figure out if this is someone you would actually like to match with.

5: Be Confident and Assertive

Singles meet a lot of people at a speed dating event, which means that you need to stand out in order to bag all the matches that you want. So, how do you do this? Especially when you want to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Well, for many singles, standing out is all to do with confidence and assertiveness – as this is a really attractive quality to have. To look more confident at a speed dating event, always try to keep eye contact and remember to smile. This will make you look relaxed and will help your date to feel comfortable too.

You should also try to keep your body language open and inviting, as folding your arms away will just make your date feel like you’re not interested in them.

6: Don’t Be Too Pushy

We all know what it’s like, you meet an absolutely gorgeous single and think they could be the perfect match for yourself. So, before that bell rings to signify the end of your date, you’re desperate to seal the deal and ensure that she’s interested in that date too. Which means you will likely push to ask that single if they will match with you or for them to give you a phone number right now.

Some singles might like level of pushiness but, for most singles, this will really put them on the spot and make them uncomfortable. Indeed, it might make that single change their mind about matching with you altogether.

7: Don’t Worry if it Doesn’t Work Out!

You might have followed all these tips to the letter, got yourself all dressed up and had some really interesting chats with other singles. At the end of the night, though, you didn’t get matched with the singles you thought you would. It can make you feel pretty disheartened about the whole thing.

However, there are always more events! So, pick yourself back up and think about your next night, where your dream date could be waiting to chat to you.