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The Pros and Cons of Speed Dating

The Pros and Cons of Speed Dating

Interested in the idea of speed dating but you’re a bit unsure if this is something that you’d enjoy? Well have a look at our speed dating pros and cons, which will help you decide if this could be your chosen way to find love.

What Are the Pros of Speed Dating?

If you are on the fence about speed dating, these advantages might just help convince you that speed dating could be ideal for you:

1: You’ll Meet a Lot of Singles in a Short Amount of Time

One of the hardest things about dating is the fact that so many of us have little patience when it comes to getting something we want. So, if you’re looking for love and it’s not happening right away, you can start to feel very frustrated.

With speed dating, though, you will meet maybe 10-15 singles and enjoy a short date with them all – all during the one night. This gives you a far better chance of meeting someone you’d like to date compared to a night in a bar.

2: You Don’t Need to Match with Anyone

There is never any pressure for you to say you’d like to meet any of your speed dating dates again. It’s totally up to you whether or not you’d be interested in ticking the match box for every single you met or none of them. Even better, you don’t need to reject them to their face – which could be very awkward.

Without the pressure to pick someone, you can instead focus on having fun and learning more about your dates. Then, if you don’t meet anyone you like, simply think about returning for a different event – when your soulmate could be in attendance!

3: Dates are Very Short

You’re never going to like every single you meet during speed dating but, thankfully, if there is someone you don’t like the date will be over before you know it and you’ll be meeting someone new.

If you’d met this person on a blind date, you would have at least a couple of hours of having to endure a bad date before your night ended. Either that or you’d have to make an escape out of the bathroom window!

4: You’re in a Safe Place

Dating can feel a little scary at times – especially when you’re meeting someone off of the internet or a dating app. Which is why speed dating is so good, as you’re all meeting in a venue run by professionals with lots of others around you.

5: You’re Meeting People Face-to-Face

You never really know if you’re going to like someone until you meet in person. Yes, you could have really good chat online and even find each other’s photographs attractive. Yet there really is no guarantee of there being that spark between until you meet.

By trying speed dating, you get to see if that spark is there from the moment that you both meet.

5: It’s a Fun Experience

Yes, it’s true that speed dating can be a little scary as you’re meeting a lot of new people. However, speed dating can also be incredibly fun, especially when you consider that everyone is in the same boat. By relaxing and asking lots of questions, you’ll soon find you’re having lots of fun with your dates.

What Are the Disadvantages of Speed Dating?

Of course, nothing is perfect and there are a few disadvantages of speed dating that you should know about before you decide to book into an event:

1: You Only Have a Short Amount of Time to Get to Know Someone

A speed date will only last around 4-5 minutes, which is a very short amount of time. Especially when you’re looking for the love of your life! So, you might find that you could have a lot in common with someone but you just never had the chance to find out due to time constraints.

Is this a big problem in speed dating? Not really, as most of us know from our gut initial reaction whether or not we’d like to see someone again and potentially date them. The short date times tend to bring far more advantages than disadvantages for singles.

2: You Might Not Get Any Matches

Just because you’re meeting a good few singles, it doesn’t actually guarantee that you will find someone who would like to go a date with you – which could be quite disheartening when you’re looking for love. However, try not to worry about this too much as you’ll most likely find a few matches on the night. Nor should you focus too much on someone you really liked not matching with you – it simply wasn’t meant to be.

If you are worried about getting matches, it can be worth researching tips on how you can be your most successful on a speed dating night. This could be from getting yourself a new outfit, planning some questions or not making any speed dating boo-boos, such as being on your phone or drinking too much.

Like everything in life, speed dating has its ups and downs. The thing is, there are far more pros than there are cons, so if you are looking for love, you should seriously consider giving it a try!