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Speed Dating from Around the World

Speed Dating from Around the World

Speed dating is a wonderful way for singles across the UK to meet their perfect partners. As, unlike other single’s events, with speed dating you can meet and chat one-on-one with far more singles, giving you the most opportunity to chat to someone you might like meet with for a proper date. Moving to London and give you great opportunities to find a date.

Here in the UK, speed dating events tend to be held in a venue such as a bar, where singles will enjoy one or two drinks and try to impress their dates with some flirty banter. When you start to look around the world, though, what can you expect from speed dating in other countries?

United States of America

When it comes to dating in America, everything is far more casual. Which means, singles will likely date around 2-3 people at the same time rather than just choosing one person to date. So, for a speed dating event, you will see Americans matching with more singles as they’ll be more open to going on a longer date as they don’t consider dating that serious.

Indeed, many Americans in their early twenties will date only for something fun to do rather than searching for someone they might want to marry. These first dates will usually consist of a coffee date or a few drinks, only moving onto to dinner later on in their dating journey. Again, though, many Americans will still be dating others at this stage.

2: Japan

Japanese singles will rarely meet up in a one-to-one basis when they first start dating. Instead, these singles form their own version of speed dating known as a goukon, which is a small gathering of singles who are invited to dinner by one or two singles. Over food, the singles will all talk to one another and give their numbers to anyone they like at the end of the night.

Unlike the more casual dating of America, Japanese singles tend to date to find a husband or wife, so dating is a far more serious subject here.

3: Sweden

Notorious for being a difficult place for people to find someone willing to give up their single life to date – which is credited to how independent Swedish singles are, speed dating in Sweden is actually very helpful for singles to meet. Otherwise their lifestyle choices might see them staying single for many years to come.

Unlike other countries, Swedish singles prefer to keep their dates casual – indeed they won’t even call them dates – which means coffee dates only. However, be careful who you do agree to go on a date with, as once you start enjoying coffee with another singles, it is presumed that you are both exclusive to each other.

4: Italy

Italy is the country of romance, particularly when it comes to men. Which is why, if you attended an Italian speed dating night, you would expect to be charmed and romanced heavily by each of the single men there. Always be cautious with these romantic Italian singles, though, as they like to romance many women at the same time, so are liable to tell you a few white lies to keep you happy.

Generally dating is more casual and similar to the non-exclusivity of American dating. What is different, though, is that dates tend to be more about food and drink rather than a simple coffee, which makes sense when you consider the wonderful culinary delights that Italy is home to.

5: China

Due to the fact that there are so many more men to women in China, this creates an issue for men looking to get married. As, these single men are going to face much more competition in order to impress a Chinese woman into going on a date with you. Indeed, impressing women in China is so competitive that men will attend dating schools to become more desirable.

Speed dating in China is very popular, as it allows single men to speak to numerous women in the one night. These events are usually dominated by those in their twenties, as local culture sees that most people get married before they’re 30. Single women in their thirties are over called the ‘leftovers’ of the dating world.

6: Russia

Russian singles are still very focused on what many of us would call sexist roles based on gender. For speed dating, this means that Russian men will be expected to be chivalrous and looking for a wife that they will look after. So, when it comes to that speed date, the men will take the lead and ask the questions while trying to impress that woman.

Single women are encouraged to take a keen interest in their looks, so will spend a lot of time ensuring that they will always look pretty and lady-like for any men that they meet. If they start dating any single man, they will be expected to be in charge of cleaning and cooking for their partner.

Speed dating can be very different across the globe, but the concept is still the same. This quick and fun way to meet singles is still on of the easiest ways for singles to meet men or women that they could be interested in dating. So, if you’ve not given it a try yet, you could be missing out!