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Speed Dating Tips for Ladies

Speed Dating Tips for Ladies

For single ladies, speed dating provides a brilliant opportunity to meet a date that they could potentially end up in a relationship with. As, unlike places like bars or nightclubs, where some singles aren’t ready for a relationship, singles attending a speed dating event are on the hunt for love.

So, when it comes to attending your first speeding dating event, what advice do we have for ladies?

1: Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Get There

Running late for anything can be stressful – especially when it’s a speed dating event. As, if you show up very late, there’s a good chance that the dates will have already started, meaning you’ll have missed out talking to some potentially interesting singles.

Worse still, when we’re stressed, it can really affect how we look. So, no matter how long you spent doing your hair or make-up, your lateness can totally ruin this as you’ll be warm and sweaty. Nor will you have any time to get to the bathroom to fix your damage, instead you’ll be thrown into your first date where you’ll likely to be too stressed to enjoy yourself and get to know that person.

So, always give yourself plenty of time to get to your event!

2: Network with Other Women

Yes, you might have signed up to speed dating to find a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use that for a little friendship building too. We all know how hard it can be to make friends when we’re adults, with many of us trying to keep school friendships going or opting for co-workers for nights out.

At a speed dating event, though, you’ll also have the opportunity to mingle and chat with other women your own age that are also single. This gives you the perfect opportunity to make connections for attending future events together or even finding yourself a gym buddy or someone to go to hobby nights with.

3: Pamper Yourself Beforehand

The key to a successful speed dating event is making sure you get noticed, as that is what will have the other singles ticking the match box for you. So, how do you make sure you’re feeling your most confident? Well, make sure you have a good pamper session before the night.

It doesn’t matter what relaxes you and makes you feel good, it could be getting your nails or make-up done or it might be going for a nice massage. Whatever it is, be sure to book yourself in for something nice on the same day. That way, when you walk into that event, you’ll be relaxed and feeling good about yourself.

The same goes for what you wear, make sure you plan this out in advance and wear something that is sure to impress the other singles. It’s up to you if you want to invest in a new outfit or you might already have the perfect ensemble hidden away in your wardrobe. Either way, if you turn up feeling amazing, people are sure to take notice of you.

4: Prepare Some Questions Important to You

We all have deal breakers when it comes to relationships, which is why speed dating is so popular. As these quick 4-5-minute dates allow you to ask questions that might reveal whether this person is or isn’t compatible with you, such as whether they’re a smoker or not. So, be sure to arm yourself with some questions – just don’t fire these out like interview questions, as this can be very off-putting to others.

Even better, by having your own questions, if your date comes over and isn’t sure what to ask you, it means you can prevent any awkwardness by asking your own!

5: Keep an Open Mind

The wonderful thing about speed dating is that it encourages you to have short dates with singles that you would never have considered before. So, when a date walks over and they might not be your particular type or they might come from a different background to you, in a bar you would probably make your excuses and leave, but with speed dating you should always keep an open mind.

That’s because, just because this person isn’t similar to people you’ve dated in the past, it doesn’t mean that there’s no chance there could be feelings there. After all, those people you dated in the past didn’t work out – so now could be the ideal time for a change!

6: Put on a Smile

Regardless of how nervous you are, by putting on a big smile, you will instantly look far more confident to any dates coming your way. Which is likely to make you more matches.

7: If You Don’t Meet Someone Your First Night – Book Again!

You might go to your first speed dating night and not meet anyone that you’d like to go on a date with, which is absolutely fine. Or it could be that anyone you did match with and go out on a date with just didn’t work out.

This shouldn’t put you off speed dating though, as you never know just what singles could be booking into that next event with you. Just remember, with speed dating you will meet and chat with far more singles in one night than just in somewhere like a bar.