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Alternative First Date Ideas

Alternative First Date Ideas

When you have an amazing man or woman wanting to go on a date with you, you’re going to want to impress that single with a date that’s memorable and unique. Which means, you’re going to want something more interesting than simply a date to the cinema or out for dinner.

So, when you’re looking for alternative date ideas, what’s the best places you can take your date to impress them?

1: Plan a Day Out to the Beach

If you’re lucky enough to live close enough to a beach to get there for the day – make the most of it! Every year many of us jet off to places like Spain or Portugal to lie on the beach and work on our tans, yet we forget that we have some lovely beaches right on our doorstep.

If you’re planning your date in summer, hopefully the weather will be on your side and you take your date to the beach. Here you’ll be able to walk barefoot in the sand, paddle in the water and even enjoy an ice cream together. Beaches always have lots of people too, which is ideal if you both like to sit back and people watch. Then just finish off your date with some tasty fish and chips drenched in salt and vinegar.

Beach dates can even work well in winter. Just advise your date to wrap up well. You’ll both still get to enjoy the fresh salty air of being by the ocean, which can be extremely relaxing, making it ideal for a first date getting to know each other.

2: Book Tickets to a Live Gig

While music can be quite personal, if you both have similar tastes, then booking tickets to a live gig can be a wonderful choice for a first date. It doesn’t even need to be a big band – where you might need to book tickets months in advance – just pick a band that’s playing local and are from a similar genre that you both like.

Not only will you get to potentially discover a new band together, but small venues also have bars, so you enjoy a few drinks and have a chat too.

3: Do Something from Your Childhood

There’s something really comforting about the nostalgia of an activity we used to do when we were younger. Which makes it ideal for a first date, as it gives you plenty to chat about as you tell tales of what you used to get up to when you were younger – all while having incredible fun together.

What childhood activity you choose will depend on what you used to love and what you think your date might enjoy, but it could be something like:

  • Laser tag
  • Skateboarding
  • Roller-skating
  • Ice skating

You could even think about taking an idea of something you used to do as children but giving it a modern twist. For instance, if you were glued to your scooter as a kid, update this date this by renting two motorised scooters and going for a ride around a park or the city.

4: Visit a Zoo

Just about everyone adores animals – especially when they’re wild exotic animals that you only get to see in the zoo. Which is why arranging a first date to a zoo is such a good idea, as zoos are such wonderful places to visit. All you need to do is get the tickets and your zoo map and then you can both spend as long as you like wondering around and trying to spot your favourites.

Even better, zoos are ideal for a first date where you’re both a little nervous about what you might talk about. By getting out and about somewhere you can walk, this takes away that awkwardness of just sitting opposite each other at a table. Plus, with so many animals to see and watch, this means you’ll always have something to chat about.

If the date goes well, you could even get your partner something out of the gift shop to commemorate your date!

5: Spend a Day at a Theme Park

While theme parks are something that most of us either love or hate, if you and your date are both obsessed with the idea of going on the scariest roller coasters around, then an alternative date to a theme park will make for a perfect date.

Just think, rather than a boring dinner date, you can both be going from exiting ride to exciting ride, getting more and more adrenaline pumping through your bodies. With all that adrenaline fun you’ll both be having; it will be very hard for your first date not to be amazing and lead to a second date.

Theme park dates also tend to last longer than a regular date, which will give you far more opportunity to learn a bit about each other.

6: Book into a Ghost Tour

If your first date is going to fall in the evening, it makes sense that most of us think of dinner or drinks, but there are some fun alternative options out there. For instance, you might want to consider a date that includes a local ghost tour.

These ghost walks are always incredible fun, aimed at getting you a bit spooked while still having a lot of fun in a group. Which makes it ideal for a first date!