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Speed Dating for Over 50s Tips

speed dating tips for over 50s

It doesn’t matter if you’re divorced, separated, widowed or you just haven’t dated in a long time, finding that courage to date again when you’re over 50 can feel impossible. Especially when it’s been so long since you last went on a first date – just how do people meet single men and women these days? Particularly when you’re not keen on trying out something like online dating.

Well, before you frighten yourself too much at the idea of dating and decide against it altogether, what about giving speed dating a try? As these single’s events have been known to be extremely successful for introducing couples all in a fun and laidback environment.

What is Speed Dating for Over 50s?

Unlike looking for singles in a bar or online, a speed dating night is a specialised event where around 20-30 singles will all book tickets for that night in order to meet singles. During the event itself, you will be split into two groups (such as male and female) with one group talking a seat at a table where they will stay for the evening.

The other group will be directed to a certain table by the event host and from there you will have 4-5 minutes to talk to that person and ascertain if you might like them. When the time ends, a buzzer or bell will sound, signifying that your date is to move onto the next table.

Over the course of the night you will get to chat to lots of different singles over the same short time frame – which is why it’s called speed dating! After each date you will be asked to fill in a comment card where you indicate if you’d like to meet the person again. If you both match each other, you will be given each other’s contact details so you can arrange a real date.

What Speed Dating Tips Are There for Over 50s?

Now that your interest is peaked about speed dating – especially considering it gives you the opportunity to chat to so many singles in just one night – you’re probably worrying if this is still something that can work for singles that are over 50.

Of course it is! Just follow our top tips for speed dating in your 50s:

1: Do Your Research to Find the Right Night for You

Not every speed dating night is the same, and you will need to research for a night that suits you the best. This is particularly important for over 50s, as you’ll want to attend an event where the other singles are going to be the same age as you. Otherwise you’ll find yourself with less singles you’re likely to be interested in.

2: Try Not to Be Too Nervous

When you’ve not dated for a long time, it’s understandable that you’re going to feel nervous. What you shouldn’t do, though, is let these nerves take over, as you just won’t have fun. Instead, try to think about ways to relax yourself before the event, such as breathing techniques, finding a single friend to attend the event with you or even having a small drink just to calm yourself.

Also, keep in mind that everyone is in the same boat as you so will be feeling nervous too. Which can be quite comforting when you think about it!

3: Get Dressed Up for the Night

You might be surprised at just how much a nice new outfit or a haircut can make you feel more confident for your speed dating event. For an outfit, smart casual is ideal, as although you want to be dressed up for your event, you also don’t want to be overdressed. As this will make you feel uncomfortable.

Just get on of your kids or a friend to go shopping with you. You’ll soon have the perfect ensemble and be excited for your speed dating adventure.

4: Think of Some Questions in Advance

Since you’ve not been on a date for a while, it’s likely that you’re going to be worried about what you’ll talk about on that date. Which means, the more you worry, the more likely you are to panic and go silent when that other single is across from you.

To help combat this, it’s a great idea to prepare a few questions in advance to ask your date – ideal for when any awkward silences might occur. Try not to think of questions that are too serious, instead focus on fun questions that will help you to get to know that single’s personality, such as music and hobbies.

5: Don’t Worry if You Don’t Meet Anyone

The worst thing you can do before a speed dating event is put too much pressure on yourself to meet someone that night. As, there is a chance you might not find someone you feel attracted to or that you have a lot in common with. Not to worry, though, as you can see it as a practice night where you got to experience lots of small dates and put yourself out there again. Plus, there’s always another speed dating night you can book in for.

Chances are, though, you will meet someone you’d like to go on a date with, which means you’ll soon be on a journey to love again.